Inventory Sales Fabrication

Specialized fabrication of structural embedment plates, mullion and refractory anchors

Our devotion to our customers has brought Inventory Sales to the forefront of steel fabrication of structural anchors & embedment plates. We’ve built our business with on-time delivery, unique warehousing options and the flexibility to fabricate steel to virtually any client specifications or tolerances.

Inventory Sales, founded in 1972, has been providing both local and global building projects with steel fabrication and quality materials needed for pre-cast, architectural pre-cast, tilt-up, pre-stress, curtain wall, glazing, and cement & power plant projects.

Call us for a quote on your custom fabrication of embedment plates, mullion anchors or refractory anchors.

Embedment Plates, Mullion Anchors & Refractory Anchors

We’ll fabricate all the Carbon or Stainless Steel anchors you need with fast turn around times & consistent quality.


We can customize delivery to fit your needs.

Order Quantity

Don’t assume your quantity is too small; contact us and let us take a look at your part(s).

Fabrication Products

How do I get my product sourcing process started?

Give one of our agents a call! This is the first step towards lowering your overhead and simplifying your supply chain with Inventory Sales.

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