It would be simpler to describe our customers.

Your company’s needs determine our product line.
We have the ability to domestically and internationally source any need our clients have. Take advantage of our expertise, our vast network of suppliers and manufacturers. We work closely with our clients and suppliers to meet there annual needs for all their parts for just in time deliveries.


Here are some of the areas of our expertise, including some of the materials we have worked with in the past.

Castings: Sand, Investment, Gray Iron, Ductile, Die Cast

Machine Parts: CNC, Screw Machined, Turned Parts


Fabrication: Embedment Plates, Welding, Bending and Punching

Assembly & Special Packaging

Plastic Components & Assemblies

Athletic Equipment


Fasteners: simple to complex

Our Specialties

With 600,000 square feet of warehousing, we’ll keep your business supplied!


Worldwide Sourcing

An array of global sources for your specialty items.


Stud Welding

Arc and CD Weld studs in all alloys. Welder and Accessories.



Fasteners in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys for every application.



Specialized fabrication of plates, mullion, anchors and refractory anchors.



Complete strut line including channel, nuts, clamps, bases and more.


Shear Wrenches

Torque Wrench products for structural tension bolts.



Stakes, frames, brackets, posts, and specialty sign hardware.



Parts, accessories, and supplies for tools from major brands.

Products & Applications

You’ve worked hard to create a quality product and we take that very serious at Inventory Sales. Working closely with our sources domestically and internationally allows for timely product proofing in getting your part(s) manufactured to your quality standards. Working only with trusted manufacturing partners gives us great confidence that we will exceed your quality expectations.

Our customers typically start sourcing simple manufacturing components and begin to realize that the huge cost savings can be applied to additional parts or entire products. Clients see the value in sourcing off shore and the ability we have at getting the best prices on products of equal or increased quality. Exceeded expectations lead to additional sourcing work, referrals and lifelong customer relationships.

Just some of the applications we’ve worked with recently:

  • Home Improvement
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Recreational Equipment
  • OEM Manufacturing
  • Consumer Products
  • Consumable Products
  • Replacement Parts

How do I get my product sourcing process started?

Give one of our agents a call! This is the first step towards lowering your overhead and simplifying your supply chain with Inventory Sales.

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