It would be simpler to describe our customers.

Your company’s needs determine our product line.

We have the ability to internationally source just about anything. Any product that has a significant labor cost involved is a great candidate for international sourcing. Take advantage of our vast network of Asian suppliers and source simple components to assembled or fabricated items.

gs-castingHere are some of the areas of our expertise, including some of the materials we have worked with in the past.

  • Castings: Sand, Investment, Gray Iron, Ductile, Die Cast
  • Machine Parts: CNC, Screw Machined, Turned Parts
  • Stampings
  • Fabrication: Welding, Bending, Powder Coating, Forgings
  • Assembly & Special Packaging
  • Plastic Components & Assemblies
  • Commercial Printing: Catalogs, Brochures, Forms, Cards
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Lenses
  • Fasteners: simple to complex
What about product quality?

You’ve worked hard to create a quality durable product and we take that very seriously at Inventory Sales. Our work with top production partners in China and across Asia allows timely product proofing in getting your project completed on schedule and to your exact standards. Working with only trusted manufacturing partners gives us great confidence that we will exceed your quality expectations.

Our International Sourcing Customers:

Our customers typically start sourcing simple manufacturing components and begin to realize that the huge cost savings can be applied to additional parts or entire products. Clients see the value in sourcing off shore and the ability we have at getting the best prices on products of equal or increased quality. Exceeded expectations lead to additional sourcing work, referrals and lifelong customer relationships.

gs-machinedJust some of the applications we’ve worked with recently:

  • Home Improvement
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Recreational Equipment
  • OEM Manufacturing
  • Consumer Products
  • Consumable Products
  • Replacement Parts
How do I get my product sourcing process started?

Give one of our sourcing agents a call! This is the first step towards lowering your overhead and simplyifing your supply chain with Inventory Sales and Global Sourcing.