Inventory Sales Global Sourcing


Making U.S. Companies Competative in Today’s International Markets. Jumping into the international sourcing market can be intimidating. Inventory Sales removes any roadblocks, answers all your questions and helps you get started sourcing your parts. Look like a genius at your next corporate meeting when you show huge savings on production materials without compromising quality.

Global Sourcing – Is it for you?

If you’re manufacturing and need to stay competitive, then you need to consider global sourcing. We have over 50 ISO Certified suppliers that specialize in many materials and processes; you can be assured the product quality you have worked hard to achieve won’t be compromised.

What about the quality of internationally sourced parts? You’ve probably already realized the cost savings offered by global sourcing materials and components, but concerns about quality have made you hesitate. As we began outsourcing our products we developed an effective quality assurance program to ensure product quality and durability. Onsite manufacturer visits, comprehensive testing and our prototype approval process allows you to set the high standards which you expect. Avoid the hassles of defective parts and fighting over quality certifications and take advantage of our independent testing laboratory here in St. Louis, Missouri.

What about delivery?

We can customize delivery to fit your assembly needs. No need to devote precious factory room housing bulky pallets of materials. Let us warehouse and supply your components as you need them. Another service popular with our clients is offshore consolidation of shipments to ensure that your materials are shipped together in dedicated containers.

What is the minimum quantity?

Another common misconception is that you have to order entire containers before global sourcing is an option. Dealing with such a diverse group of manufacturers and clients allows ISC to provide options other sourcing agents won’t. Don’t assume your quantity is too small; contact us and let us take a look at your part(s). Many companies take advantage of our “just in time shipping options”, ordering components for an entire year at great discount and letting ISC ship as needed.