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Embedment Plates, Mullion Anchors & Refractory Anchors

We’ll fabricate all the Carbon or Stainless Steel anchors you need with fast turn around times & consistent quality.

fab-productsEmbedment Plates:

  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Available Finishes: Plain, Shop Primer or Galvanized.

Industries Served: Tilt up concrete construction relies heavily on having reliable and durable anchors for constructing large spans quickly in warehousing & business park construction.

Pre-Stress Concrete
Double Tee’s, Hollow or Sound Core and Concrete Bridge Beams.
Pre-Stress concrete must have secure anchors and quality plates to take advantage of pre-stressed technology and ensure for safe attachments. Our fabrication process ensures consistent quality in all of our components and embedment plates.
Pre-Cast Concrete

Pre-Cast products have many different uses and will have unique structural demands for the anchors and plates that must be embedded. Our fabrication shop can create the embedment materials for your specific needs. Our shop works with some of the top pre-cast concrete manufacturers and will certainly exceed your expectations in professionalism and quick turn around.

fab-mullionMullion Anchors: Wind Load and Dead Load

  • Carbon Steel
  • Finishes: Plain, Shop Primer or Galvanized

Industries Served: Curtain wall fabrication and commercial glass glaziers.

Structurally sound components are essential in constructing curtain walls that stand up to harsh environmental conditions, fluxes in temperature, pressures and vibrations.

Upload your designs or architectural specifications and let us construct your custom mullion anchors for your commercial curtain walls and glass glazing projects. Choose one of our three standard finishes that best fit your specific application.

productspage4Refractory Anchors

  • Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel (all types)
  • Finishes: Plain or Cellulose Acetate Dipping and Plastic Caps

Industries Served: Two of our largest consumers of anchors are mechanical contractors restoring or maintaining power plants or fire kilns and cement plants.

Our refractory anchors stand up to some of the harshest environments in industrial and commercial applications. Therefore our quality and fabrication standards must ensure our products don’t fail and cause costly repairs or downtime.