Inventory Sales Fabrication

Specialized fabrication of structural embedment plates, mullion and refractory anchors

Our devotion to our customers has brought Inventory Sales to the forefront of steel fabrication of structural anchors & embedment plates. We’ve built our business with on-time delivery, unique warehousing options and the flexibility to fabricate steel to virtually any client specifications or tolerances.

Inventory Sales, founded in 1972, has been providing both local and global building projects with steel fabrication and quality materials needed for pre-cast, architectural pre-cast, tilt-up, pre-stress, curtain wall, glazing, and cement & power plant projects.

fabembedEmbedment Plates

We provide embedment plates constructed to your specifications & tolerances, in carbon or stainless steel for your specific application. Your choice of plain, shop primer or galvanized finishes. We are certified to provide bridge and guard rail components that exceed local department of transportation requirements for bridges and guard rail attachment.

Industries Served:
  • Tilt up – Pre-formed concrete construction
  • Pre-stress – Wall panels
  • Double Tee’s
  • ollow Core
  • Concrete Bridge Beams
  • Pre-Cast
  • Architectural Pre-Cast

fabmullionMullion Anchors

Fabrication of wind load and dead load anchors for curtain wall construction & glass installation

Industries Served:
  • Curtain Wall Construction
  • Glass Glaziers

Refractory Anchors

Many of our products are used in cement and power plants; however our expertise in fabricating anchors can be utilized in any industry where carbon or stainless steel anchors are needed. We can also supply anchors with caps or cellulose acetate dipped.

fabrefractIndustries Served:
  • Cement Plants
  • Power Plants

Call us for a quote on your custom fabrication of embedment plates, mullion anchors or refractory anchors.