home-officeYour competitive construction project needs are finally met with new solutions from Inventory Sales Company. Enlist the help of ISC for your manufactured parts and accessories and offer your clients more. ISC is willing to serve your company’s demands in order to get the job done; no job is too big or small for us.
Since 1972, ISC has been helping manufacturing companies get their tools, parts, and other special components in order to get the job done according to your scheduled plans.

Our warehouse space allows us to offer you unique shipping options. Don’t waste space in your facility due to bulky shipments; allow us to house the product and ship it to you in useful quantities. We offer specialized delivery options to work with your building plans.


We specialize in 8 distinct areas:

Global Sourcing

  • Source Your Hard-to-find Parts from Over 50 ISO certified


  • Choose Options Not Offered By Other Distributors


  • Complete Line Distributor of All Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Alloys
  • Stock Heavy on Standards & Semi-Standard Parts


  • Cross Reference Any Part Number to an ISC Equivalent
  • Choose Custom-Labeling, Boxing & Delivery Options

Weld Studs

  • Manufacture & Source Custom Studs
  • On-Site Welding Technicians Troubleshoot Your Requests


  • Over $1 Million Worth of Contractor Tools In Stock
  • Customize Tools & Accessories To Fit Your Job


  • We Fabricate to Your Specifications
  • Choose from Plain, Shop Primer or Galvanized Finish


  • Product Warehousing
  • Customer Service Re-order Reminders


  • Frames
  • Posts